An Evening With John Agard

Saturday 27 November
£10 (£8)

Join Queen’s Gold Medalist John Agard for a wholesome evening of two halves.

In the first half, he’ll perform some of his older classic poems, such as Listen, Mr Oxford Don – where he needed an axe to break up the English syntax or hammer to smash up the grammar – not to mention, Palm Tree King, where he voices the royal highness of this stereotypical Caribbean postcard sentinel. Alongside these will be his mischievously subversive GCSE poems: Flag, Checking Out Me History and Half Caste.

A special second half will feature a premiere sharing of his latest one man show, Fool’s Half Hour, in which he speaks on behalf of The Fool, in a performance with visuals and sound that draws on decades of his tongue-in-cheek oeuvre and its tricksterish insider-outsider spin.

Photography credit: Sara Roque