Well done to everyone who joined our half-term workshops!

This week 40 young people aged 8-17 took to our stage for a series of vibrant & creative workshops led by Motionhouse. It was such a delight to see our stage bursting with creativity that we have compiled some of our favourite moments into this blog post to share with you.

A stage is the perfect place to tell a story & we loved seeing new stories being created right before our eyes. Storytelling through dance was totally new to some attendees, but it didn’t slow them down! Interesting narratives were being weaved left right and centre.

Dance and performance exercises help build strong teamwork skills. It was truly impressive to see young people who had never met before working together to collaborate and choregraph exciting dances.

These half-term workshops took participants out of their comfort zones whether that was by trying new steps, getting up on a stage & perform in front of others, or trying their hand at choreography. We loved seeing everyone learning new skills by trying something new!

Creative workshops have an incredible ability to bring people out of their shell. It was wonderful to see all of the participants grow in confidence as the workshops went on.

Finally, a *huge* thank you to Motionhouse’s workshop leaders Aaron and Mitch for making the workshops so much fun! Their encouragement motivated everyone to take the first step and try something different. Who knows where these new creative journeys will end!

Thanks to the generous support of CEMEX UK we were able to offer these sessions to 40 young people free of charge. Well done to all of the participants for throwing themselves into learning something new. We look forward to sharing more opportunities like this soon!